Women on the Edge Trail Weekend at Pure Country Campground

July 20, 2018 - July 22, 2018

Women on the Edge New York Chapter-Womens RETREAT!

July 20-22rd Inclusive

Your ticket for $110 includes!!

 Dish to pass Friday Dinner, Sat breakfast, and dinner, Sun breakfast, and site, stall or non-stalled horse fee! 

on a first come first serve bases! because water and electric sites and stalls are limited!!

(So book ASAP to save your spot)

Cabins and campers are extra, call for this info...


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Unadilla Moto-cross

August 10, 2018 - August 12, 2018

Come and camp with us ??

hookup sites, rustic sites ( water only)

hayfield sites

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Pure Country NE Region NACMO Ride (Mounted Orienteering)

August 17, 2018 - August 19, 2018

PURE COUNTRY FUN – NE Region NACMO Ride hosted by Dodie Sable LOCATION: Pure Country Campground at 176 Kelly Road, New Berlin, NY 13411 All fees for camping are payable to Pure Country, please contact Jim @ (607) 847-9265 to reserve your spot (we currently have some spots reserved for the event, so please tell Jim you’re with the NACMO group so you can be reserved and parked with the group) This should  be done right here on site. Cabins are extra. Day fee is $10 if not camping. 

DATES: Friday August 17 (come to grounds to camp and meet everyone) – clinic at 6:00 pm Saturday August 18 (Long and Short Course setup) Clinic at 8:00 am (riders out at 8:00 – 10:00 am) Sunday August 19 (Long and Short Course setup) Clinic at 7:00 am (riders out at 7:00 – 9:00 am) Monday August 20 (course clean up, stay and ride with me while we clear trail) You’re welcome to ride Saturday only, Sunday only, or both days! If you are local and will not be camping with us, please note the times above that we will be starting each day and be on the grounds at least half an hour early to get registered. Come an hour early if you need some training before you ride!!! We will be holding a clinic Friday evening, and again each morning. What do you need to compete in a NACMO event??? A compass, a horse, a pen and a big smile.

Visit the National Association of Competitive Mounted Orienteering for more information and to review the rules of the sport. While this is a competitive sport, there is no rule that expects you to win! The purpose of our sport is to challenge the rider with objectives to find, while sharing the day with your horse partner, and a small group of your friends. Groups of a minimum of 2 riders, and a maximum of 6 riders will be started at varying times on the course each day. Each night we will be sharing a meal with each other. Please bring a covered dish to share for each night you will be staying. You are responsible for your own breakfast and lunch foods, and drinks. The campground offers tarp covered open-panel stalls for rent, or you can pen your horse with your trailer.

I can be contacted via cell phone/text 610-587-3626 …https. Email … Facebook on our local regional group NorthEast Region Mounted Orienteering://

We are working on opening a NY Chapter for our region so are inviting you, to invite your friends.

Entry FORM

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GAIT HORSE WEEKEND (for horses that aren't in Clinic)

August 24, 2018 - August 26, 2018

his weekend will be a total package weekend for people with gaited

horses that aren't in the CLINIC!!!!



Your package will include 2 nights camping, site,stall or non stalled fee,5buffet meals!!

we are limited on water and elec. sites and stalls, so first come first serve

but there will be sites for all!!!

 CABINS will be extra!!( normal fee minus $35 site fee per night per ticket )


There will be a Gaited horse clinic this same weekend so you may want to come and audit for a fee of

$35 per day or two days for $60

to be paid HERE!!


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August 24, 2018 - August 26, 2018


8/24-26 -2018

 Gary Lane Clinics are for all gaited horse riders who want to understand, feel and train for smooth easy gaits.  A mix of general horsemanship techniques and principles of classical riding will carry the riders onto the trails or rail for an exciting, fun, and safe ride. Understanding your horse's natural base line of behavior to build a better relationship to achieve a sound trail horse is within your reach.  Gary will teach you a step by step plan using tasks, conditions, and standards to enhance your gaited horse knowledge.  His leadership style is a clear, and straight forward approach and easy to understand.  His approach ensures that  you learn!  The goal is to find success for every horse and rider.

After working with thousands of horse owners over the years, Gary has found the one constant problem that continues to stand out is improper biting.  Developing a calm mind in relation to your horse’s mouth, back, and feet are the keys to proper training for your long term pleasure and trail riding enjoyment.  When all aspects of motion from the horse’s mouth, feet, and back interact and support each oth er, you have what Gary calls the Triangle of Motion.  The back, feet and mouth all combine for the total picture of success no matter what you’re trying to achieve with your gaited horse.

This is a two day clinic.  The morning of the first day of this two day clinic will be spent in a class room setting for all riders and auditors.  Gary will discuss how to recognize gaits of the Tennessee Walking Horse, Missouri Fox Trotter, and Rocky Mountain horses.  He will discuss the importance of properly using your SEAT, LEGS, and HANDS to allow your horse to move at his best.  The remainder of the day will be spent riding under Gary’s step by step plan using tasks, conditions, and standards to enhance your knowledge through good sound horsemanship principles.  Gary’s leadership style is a clear, and straight forward approach and easy to understand.  The goal is to find success for every horse and rider.  On the second day Gary will use his skill in breaking down each training goal into simple, step-by-step assignments, for both the horse and the rider 

If you wish to visit Gary’s website go to

!!!!!! Your Ticket Includes !!!!!

A full package # 2 nights camping, site,stall,3 buffet style meals

(campers and cabins available for a small fee more)

( a reduced price)!!!!

 $550.00 !!!

(limit to 10)

Fri night meet and greet with a dish to pass dinner, am Sat morning buffet breakfast, 8 am start clinic, ,6:30 dinner !! maybe music sat night dancing under the stars!!!Sun morning breakfast and off to learning some more!! back in the saddle to the end!!!

So book early so you don't miss this one time chance for the



7 spots remaining.
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Jeff Dye Leukemia Ride 2018

September 15, 2018 - September 15, 2018

Scavenger Hunt, Poker Run, Dinner, silent auction.

Sponsor sheets available in 2018. Stalls, sites available, please book on here. thanks.


will have link soon for your pledge sheets. We helped raise over $2,000 in 2017

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September 21, 2018 - September 23, 2018
(go to bottom of page and fill out ticket box) $0.00 fee
9/21-9/23/2018 (Bugs are gone!)

The gas refund is you will Get 50% off your stay with us for this weekend!

So that 50% will help with your GAS!!
With this code at time of booking you will get this discount 


(This coupon code is not available to be used with any other early booking coupon codes or on any other dates)

Friday night - Dish to pass - Bonfire & stories

Saturday - Sign up for guided trail ride to the chuckwagon in the middle of state land for burgers and dogs, chips & dips small lunch $12 (to be paid at sign up ) 9 am departure
Saturday night 6:30 pm   dinner $18 fee ( to be on site) for all you can eat buffet

Music possible with enough bookings Saturday night!
Sunday morning Brunch-all you can eat- 9 am -$7 to be paid on site-then enjoy a short, quiet trail ride and load for home, filling up with your....

gas refund weekend savings!!!

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