Cowboy Obstacle Course Race

September 6, 2014 - September 7, 2014
Cowboy Obstacle Course Race

This event is timed and judged on a 5 acre obstacle course. Riders' can ride unlimited number of entries per day, but each class, riders have to have different horses for multiple entries.

Camping is available
A benefit to camping is coming in Friday having the opportunity to practice on the course. Day of race, course is closed. There will be 30 minutes of practice time for a fee of $5 before start of event. 
There will be a $10 RANCH FEE for all folks not camping with us per trailer.

These classes are jackpot classes with a payback of 65% of entries fees. Places will be paid back 1 place for 5 entries in each class. Example: 1/5 entries: 1 place; 6/10 entries 2 places; 11/15 entries, 3 places.  etc, etc..

In-hand or Lead line $10 ribbons only (kids or adults)
Greenhorn $10 - 12 and under
Youth riders $15 - 17 and under
Novice riders $20
Non Pro riders $35
Cowboy riders $50 (open)
Retired riders $25 (over 50 yrs)

Novice class, non pro, cowboy, retired classes will be calcutta. 
(Calcutta means each rider is auctioned off to the highest bidder, money will be placed in pool, 80% of pool will be paid back to bidder that has winning rider)
Calcutta is open to spectators too!

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(Lynn Clarks') Trail Trial Weekend

September 13, 2014 - September 14, 2014
Trail Trial

9/13 to 9/14

Come and ride the trails, covering 8-10 miles with six obstacles( judged .)
 $25 per person/horse.
 Come Saturday Night and camp-tell stories around the bonfire,
 Dish to pass at 6 pm. Free coffee, lemonade and tea!

9/14  Sunday morning breakfast (small fee) 

Entires at 9 am 

Ride out at 10 am

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Gas Refund Fall Trail Ride 2014

September 26, 2014 - September 28, 2014

(go to bottom of page and fill out ticket box) $0.00 fee


(Bugs are gone!)

The gas refund is you will Get 50% off your stay with us for this weekend!

So that 50% will help with your GAS!!

With this code at time of booking you will get this discount


(This coupon code is not available to be used with any other early booking coupon codes or on any other dates)

Friday night - Dish to pass - Bonfire & stories

Saturday - Sign up for guided trail ride to a camp in the middle of state land for chips & dips small lunch $10 (to be paid at sign up on site) 9 am departure

Saturday night 6:30 pm   dinner $15 fee for all you can eat buffet

Music possible with enough bookings Saturday night!

Sunday morning Brunch-all you can eat- 9 am -$5 to be paid on site-then enjoy a short, quiet trail ride and load for home, filling up with your....

gas refund weekend savings!!!

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