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PCC Memberships

1/1/2019 to 12/31/2019



$350 fee. This membership includes

10 nights for 2 pp

Site and 2 stalls


 $175 fee. This membership includes

nights for 2 pp

site and 1 stall


$99. This membership includes

Stay 2 times-get the 3rd stay for free.

 (Third stay value will be for average of  first two stays. If you book more than one

Site on your first two stays, each site must have one member!!!)

If on meal event weekend, one free meal of your choosing is included.

(Memberships do not include cabins, camper rentals, seasonal rentals. Management reserves the right to limit camping during certain event weekends.)

Extra sites and stalls may be reserved at normal camping fees. Extra person at normal prices.

May be more discounts included for members coming throughout the year. Keep watch.

(  must put a one in ticket event box to complete )

 after you purchase

 membership you will be email a code to be used thru the  year. Thank you!





($99 each)

($350 each)

($175 each)

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