Brookfield 50/30/15 Competitive Trail Ride

June 21-23rd 2019


  FB Brookfield 50/25/15 Group

Basic Info: 


  • Any tack is permitted. Riding Bareback is not.
  • Riders should bring buckets, hay nets, blankets, hay, feed, bedding and cleaning tools
  • Only registered entrants will be allowed on the trail. Horses not entered on the ride may not be brought on the trail. All entrants disqualified for any reason wishing to exercise their horses on trails must get permission from management
  • Dogs must be tied up, safely contained, or held on leash at all times. No loose dogs
  • All riders are required to wear ASTM/SEI certified protective headgear designed for equestrian use at all times when mounted.

All entries are send Ride manager. June 1 entries need to be in.

Joanna Lasher 518-882-1515 for ride questions and concerns. Copy of this yrs coggins, and proof of rabies. 

Stalls and sites are reserved through PCC.

Anyone looking to book this ride do not book a site, it comes with your entry package. If you are in the 15 or 30 mile ride and want a stall book that here. 50 mile riders do not get stalls

below. for info.

Entry Form click here   Rider form NYSHC PDF

If you are keeping your horse at your site

do not put in non-stalled horse in box

because it will charge you for site

if you book stall it will charge you for 

stall only!!


Also looking for Sponsors for this event:Google DOC sponsorship

Volunteers: Contact JoAnne 518-882-1515.


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