3rd Annual Brandi Lyons Clinic-4 days

two days clinic 2 days private lessons

7/26 to 7/296

This ticket includes: Site & stall for UP TO 5 nights,  Wed night - Dish to pass at 6 pm. 

Thursday through Saturday 2 meals a day 

Sunday 1 meal ( breakfast )

Cabins and campers are extra, Contact Jim at 607-847-9265 or email: for more info. 


$ www.

These clinics are based in knowing that we all could just use a vacation with our horse every now and then.  

These are clinics that each person will work on learning how to progress their relationship with their horse, gaining control and confidence.  The clinic is set up that we laugh and are able to tell our deepest secrets and embarrassing moments and questions that you just could not ask a male trainer!  These are Brandi’s most favorite… she treats them as her own vacations!  “We laugh, we cry, we build such strong bonds…most of my best friends have come from these clinics. We spend so much time together, between the riding and then the relaxing part…going for massages, we become such friends.  It’s amazing how building friendships with other PEOPLE can have a direct effect on our relationship with our horse.”  Come and enjoy your horse with other people that want the same thing as you.


A great clinic for anyone!




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