Pure Country NE Region NACMO Ride (Mounted Orienteering)

PURE COUNTRY FUN – NE Region NACMO Ride hosted by Dodie Sable LOCATION: Pure Country Campground at 176 Kelly Road, New Berlin, NY 13411 All fees for camping are payable to Pure Country, please contact Jim @ (607) 847-9265 to reserve your spot (we currently have some spots reserved for the event, so please tell Jim you’re with the NACMO group so you can be reserved and parked with the group) This should  be done right here on site. Cabins are extra. Day fee is $10 if not camping. 

DATES: Friday August 17 (come to grounds to camp and meet everyone) – clinic at 6:00 pm Saturday August 18 (Long and Short Course setup) Clinic at 8:00 am (riders out at 8:00 – 10:00 am) Sunday August 19 (Long and Short Course setup) Clinic at 7:00 am (riders out at 7:00 – 9:00 am) Monday August 20 (course clean up, stay and ride with me while we clear trail) You’re welcome to ride Saturday only, Sunday only, or both days! If you are local and will not be camping with us, please note the times above that we will be starting each day and be on the grounds at least half an hour early to get registered. Come an hour early if you need some training before you ride!!! We will be holding a clinic Friday evening, and again each morning. What do you need to compete in a NACMO event??? A compass, a horse, a pen and a big smile.

Visit the National Association of Competitive Mounted Orienteering for more information and to review the rules of the sport. While this is a competitive sport, there is no rule that expects you to win! The purpose of our sport is to challenge the rider with objectives to find, while sharing the day with your horse partner, and a small group of your friends. Groups of a minimum of 2 riders, and a maximum of 6 riders will be started at varying times on the course each day. Each night we will be sharing a meal with each other. Please bring a covered dish to share for each night you will be staying. You are responsible for your own breakfast and lunch foods, and drinks. The campground offers tarp covered open-panel stalls for rent, or you can pen your horse with your trailer.

I can be contacted via cell phone/text 610-587-3626 …https. Email … Facebook on our local regional group NorthEast Region Mounted Orienteering://

We are working on opening a NY Chapter for our region so are inviting you, to invite your friends.

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